The Real Hero

How to Connect With Your Audience | Mike Acker

December 02, 2020 Andrew Winters Episode 33
The Real Hero
How to Connect With Your Audience | Mike Acker
Show Notes

In episode 33, Andrew Winters sits down with best selling author, speaker, leadership consultant and founder of Advanced Public Speaking & Advantage Publishing Group, Mike Acker.

What is the difference between communicating and connecting?

We have created a culture where our ability to communicate is based on just our strengths and skills. So many people fail to understand that because you can communicate with anything, doesn't mean you can connect with anything. This lack of empathy and humility will affect the generations to come because of this!

Be humble, empathize, listen, and most importantly be YOURSELF. This combination of humility and understanding will connect you with people on a personal level.

I am very excited to bring you Mike Acker as my guest on today's episode of The Real Hero. We will discuss his background  journey into public speaking. We will talk about some of the concepts in his book, Speak with No Fear. By the time you are done listening to this podcast, you will have an understanding of the confidence within yourself and a tools to help you connect with people in your life.

NO matter how young or old you are. Whether you are 10 years old, or 100, this is for you!  Listen, take notes, and be in the present moment while listening to what Mike has to say.

LOOK at where you are. You have a choice to change your life's story. Don't just be a hero, be a Real Hero!

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