The Real Hero

Unlock Your Creativity w/ Fredrick Kyomya

November 04, 2020 Andrew Winters Episode 29
The Real Hero
Unlock Your Creativity w/ Fredrick Kyomya
Show Notes

In episode 29, Andrew Winters has a creative conversation with Author, Ghostwriter, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Creativity School and Kymoya Publishing, Fredrick Kyomya.

 In this episode of The Real Hero we discuss how we can optimally utilize our own creativity to excel in life , how we can tap into our own creative mindset, as well as the importance of planning and strategizing.
 Key aspects to consider while listening:
 - Understanding key events or obstacles that may present itself as an opportunity to create your own path.

- Using knowledge as a tool as opposed to a crutch. (May have to learn and unlearn certain pieces of information to advance).

- The greatest challenges can lead to new innovative and creative ways.

-Learn to detach from the good "things" in your comfort zone in order to grow. 
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