The Real Hero

The Power of Personality w/ Merrick Rosenberg

October 28, 2020 Andrew Winters Episode 28
The Real Hero
The Power of Personality w/ Merrick Rosenberg
Show Notes

Does your personality determine your success?

FIND OUT in this episode of The Real Hero podcast!

In episode 28, Andrew Winters has a fascinating conversation with  Author, Keynote Speaker, CEO of Take Flight Learning, C0-founder of Team Builders Plus, and Thought Leader on Personality Styles/Team Development,  Merrick Rosenberg.

We discuss the 4 types of personalities and how to accept other individuals personalities without imposing our own. Finally, Merrick reveals his concepts within his book, in order to show us, how we can utilize our personality styles to drive success in different facets of our lives.
 Key aspects to consider while listening:
 - Understand the basic types of the four bird personalities.
 - Know the difference between accepting and imposing personalities.

 - Communicating based on the person you are talking to.
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